Travel pattern: Downtown Transit Hub, 9 Elm Street to New Sudbury Centre via the Kingsway, Bancroft Drive, Second Avenue, Auger Avenue and Barry Downe Road. 0000029341 00000 n Read More. 0000043525 00000 n ... Map of 29 Overland!!!!! 0000003520 00000 n *. 0000003124 00000 n 0000038607 00000 n 0000033281 00000 n The HTML links provide for browser-based viewing, but are not suitable for printing. See system map here.See bus tracking information here.. Browser Compatibility Notification . RTD COVID-19 Updates × Close. Riders are requested to continue to wear masks, use hand sanitizer and social distance when possible. Saturday only. The on-demand Flex service remains suspended. Union Station) End (e.g. MTA Bus Company a Q29 Local Service If you think your bus operator deserves an Apple Award — our special recognition for service, courtesy and professionalism — call 511 and give us the badge or bus number. Map. 0000015910 00000 n Routes & Schedules | Maps & Schedules | Routes & Schedules. Route 29 does not serve the area from 6:00 am - 6:00 pm. Spokane Transit offers a Surplus Van Grant program that awards retired STA vans to qualifying applicants. Below is a list of all TARC routes currently in service as of August 9th, 2020. Show Route Map Download Route Schedule Add to favorites; Weekday. 0000014651 00000 n 0000002804 00000 n Saturday Routes are color coded for the type of service. Customer Service 412.442.2000 Weekdays 6AM - 7PM Weekends and holidays 8AM - 4:30PM Comment Form . 0000030949 00000 n 95th/Dan Ryan (Red) (accessible) north to Navy Pier. C urrent Schedules. Capacity is limited to approximately 15 passengers per bus, 20 on larger buses, and 30 riders per rail car. Trip details. User Guide. 8:00am: Schedule Legend Trip delayed at least 15 min. 29 bus time schedule overview for the upcoming week: Starts operating at 4:30 AM and ends at 11:51 PM. All TTC buses (except Community and Wheel-Trans buses) have bike racks so that you can bring your bike with you on your journey. 0000002603 00000 n 0000020222 00000 n Route 12 Second Avenue. Express Schedules Recent News. City Bus - Line 29 Use the map to search for city buses Click where you are; Click where you want to go; You can drag the markers to adjust your search. Routes & Schedules CATS has over 70 bus and rail routes to get you where you want to be. Too confusing? 0000043356 00000 n COVID-19: City of Winnipeg response and latest updates on City facilities and services COVID-19: Mesures prises par la Ville de Winnipeg et dernières nouvelles sur les installations et services municipaux 0000036438 00000 n 29 Dufferin buses will turn back north at Dufferin Gate, during all TFC games and during some events where road closures and restrictions are in effect within Exhibition Place. Route 29 schedule - Effective 8/31/19Kennedy Plaza Bus Stop Locations. Doing Business with … How to Ride. 0000039274 00000 n COVID-19 Muni Core Service Plan. Start (e.g. Schedule Legend Trip delayed at least 15 min. 3. 0000006273 00000 n 0000091908 00000 n Temporary Detours, updated Dec. 29 Posted on: Dec 29, 2020 28 Changes Downtown Route in January Posted on: Dec 18, 2020 47 Changes Downtown Route in January Posted on: Dec 18, 2020. 76369 Blk 496F Tampines Ave 9. 1 - 1 Newark; 2 - 2 Jersey City-JournalSq-Secaucus; 5 - 5 Kinney; 6 - 6 Ocean Avenue - Journal Square; 10 - 10 Bayonne - Jersey City; 11 - 11 Newark - Willowbrook Sunday services continue to operate under the regular schedule. 0000017032 00000 n 0000034092 00000 n Route 29 operates operates Monday-Sunday. Route 29 does not serve the area from 6:00 am - 6:00 pm. ... 29/A La Habra - Huntington Beach Download Add to Bus Book. Close. LYNX Terminal Map. We recommend updating your browser to its most recent version at your earliest convenience. Please use Idaho and 13th or Idaho and 15th. Service Alert for Route: On Monday January 18, Martin Luther King, Jr Day, the Q18, Q19, Q21, Q22, Q23, Q25 and Q29 buses operate on a holiday schedule. NOTE: TAP card only accepted from La Palma to Malvern. Tampines Int ↺ Changi Village (Loop) 75009 Tampines Int EW2-DT32 Tampines Ctrl 1. 0000008913 00000 n BUS SCHEDULES; Schedule Finder. Stop Name. What's New. 0000010711 00000 n Cancelled trip Friday Service ONLY See Update Details. 0000039137 00000 n 0000018093 00000 n 3:45 PM - 6:45 PM, Monday - Friday 0000004605 00000 n Contact/Feedback; Community Involvement; Lost and Found; Business Center. 1. 3130. Then click on the route number/name from the list below to display detailed route information, including schedules and the route map. Operating days this week: everyday. Bus Schedules. A - Olivos; B - Parque Sarmiento; C - Estación Rivadavia; D - Estación Belgrano C; View all / none. See All Bulletins . 0000002933 00000 n These are called time points. Use the links below to view LTC bus schedules. 76399 Blk 417 Tampines St 41. Note: All Transit maps are in Adobe PDF format. This is a work in progress — the design will evolve over the coming months. l f the bus stop is not listed use the time shown for the bus stop before it as the time to wait at the stop. Information in this timetable is subject to change without notice. 177 74 La Habra to Huntington Beach. See All Bulletins . Halifax Transit's bus route information and schedules. Outbound Orchard/Overland is closed. We are introducing a new style to some of our bus schedules. 9:45 AM - 3:45 PM Between Jackson Heights and Glendale. 0000001810 00000 n 76191 BLK 401 Tampines Ave 7. Plan your trip with the trip planner. 29-Lake/Webster Rd provides weekday service between Milwaukie and Clackamas Town Center, along Washington, 34th, Lake, Webster, Roots, Johnson and 82nd. Schedules; New York City Bus Schedules. LYNX Schedule Book. Snow Routes; Holiday Schedules; Contact; Quick Links; Schedules WRTA Bus Tracker ... Route 29 - Outbound. 0000042177 00000 n Trip details. Show the route of: Line 29 of the city buses in Buenos Aires. Service Changes: January 17, 2021 On January 17, 2021, changes will occur to many schedules in the system. This route loops within Changi Village Bus Terminal. LYNX System Map. 1-888-MST-BUS1 0000029393 00000 n Route colors coordinate with the system map. 0000004830 00000 n 4:00a-11:30p weekdays, 4:00a-11:30p Saturday, 4:00a-11:30p Sunday. Effective October 26, 2020 Route 29—Thomas Eastbound From 93rd Avenue/Thomas Road to Thomas Road/Pima Park (via Desert Sky Transit Center) (Seven days a week): East on Thomas Road; North into Pima Park's turnabout/parking lot at east (2nd) entrance; Layover westbound in parking lot at bus stop sign. Top destinations on this route: Boise State Transit Center, Morrison Center, Albertsons on Vista, Whitney Elementary School, Country Club Plaza, Primary Health Medical Group Overland, Albertsons on Overland, Aquarium of Boise, Ada County Sheriffs Office, Towne Square Mall, Towne Square Mall to Boise State University Transit Center, Boise State University Transit Center to Towne Square Mall, Monday - Friday Go directly to the route preview by selecting from the drop-down list. 0000002746 00000 n Read More. Impacts to specific routes can be seen below: Bus Schedules & Maps WEST CHATHAM – Service Alert: Please note the time and location of this route’s final stop, under the modified schedule now in place: … Surplus Van Grant 2021 - Apply Today! 0000004895 00000 n Orchard/Cassia outbound is closed. 0000042123 00000 n Stop ID - public. 0000041748 00000 n ��EE�$q�XYZ}�~R�0Z��� ������¨x�X��A�C��;��2~:o����u�:�mҫ�V�,+���a��;�+[�܉��IF�I,ԣ�� �Ԡo�1�SU:7�_�{��+�.