Ditto music has an especially close relationship with iTunes, which can see to it that you pay $40 to get your music to the front of the line. Official Website Facebook Twitter. I researched and asked a lot of mates in the music industry about their recommendations for a publisher. Do you agree with Ditto Music's TrustScore? Ditto music are the worst company I’ve ever dealt with. As a young, unexperinced Artist, I was guided through the process for submitting my music! Ditto make publishing my music so easy. I worked with Ditto music to get my songs on to spotify. Ditto’s Smart Links and Distrokid’s Hyperfollow are effectively the same. Jayne @ Ditto Music, regularly stayed in contact with myself via email, and answered any of my enquires swiftly ! Since joining Ditto Music, which hasn't been that long. Video distribution – Gets your music videos on VEVO. Ditto Music Ditto Music helped me in this pandemic and resolved my issues. Uploading your music or song on Ditto Music eats up too much of your quality time in comparison to other online music platforms. I have had my x4 a couple of weeks and have exactly the same problems - relaunching, ejecting and loading other files. Global digital distributor and label services company Ditto Music is to launch a new blockchain solution that, it says, will generate higher earnings for artists and creators. Sign in / Register; Search for a company or officer Search. We now employee many staff and have offices in Liverpool and Nashville. Pricing Information Subscription that costs between $2 and $6. This website uses cookies. Ditto Music is THE place for independent and unsigned musicians to self publish your music. The Ditto Music online service l is a dream to use until you need any kind of human interaction or contact. What to expect from ditto music? I’m a music producer based in LA and I also have a diploma in songwriting from Berklee College of Music. Report a Problem On behalf of Ditto Music, Feature.fm would like permission to set cookies in order to track campaign performance and show ads based on your interest. Music Tribers; Artists; News; Updates; Suggestions; Win; Learn; Archive; Customer Tribes. Every single one of them suggested Ditto and after doing some research myself, I could't help but agree with them. Voice your opinion today and hear what 1043 customers have already said. The website is very easy to follow. The information they provide you with is really good and easy to work with. The releases within the 'Complete' tab of your 'My Releases' dashboard will be labelled as ‘In Review’, ‘Scheduled’ or 'Sent To Stores’. It is extremely irritating and. I'm very happy to be a part of Ditto and look forward to uploading music I have planned. The Ditto Music online service l is a dream to use until you need any kind of human interaction or contact. Jan Anyway I did some research comparing TuneCore and Dittomusic , heard. DITTO LTD - Free company information from Companies House including registered office address, filing history, accounts, annual return, officers, charges, business activity . I sent them a message last Friday and being that it was the weekend and they're UK based I figured I'd have to wait til Monday to get a response. Download Ditto Music records music label songs, singles and albums on MP3. Report a problem; Ditto Music is a music distribution service that allows music makers to release their music onto the world’s biggest platforms, while keeping 100% of their music rights and all the money earned from sales. For clean sounds this should work fine. My first single is being used through Ditto and I'm very excited for the single to come out. As you will see HERE, I founded the company in 2005/2006 with my brother Lee. All in all, you’d be better off using a company that specializes in the field. Here you can see all of the music you’ve uploaded to Ditto, including In-Progress, Complete and Inactive releases. Cookie settings OK Ditto Music Supports lot of independent artists and I am one of them. Commenting on the project, Lee Parson, CEO of Ditto noted hat: “Many participants in the blockchain space are trying to find a problem and then trying to come up with a solution based on that. For the past month I have been trying to resolve an issue with payments of my own funds in my account which, at this time, I’m still awaiting to be resolved. It's not on iTunes, not on Spotify, not on rdio. Ditto music provides you with a breakdown of analytics and reports for your music releases and video releases. 1,043 people have already reviewed Ditto Music. For the past month I have been trying to resolve an issue with payments of my own funds in my account which, at this time, I’m still awaiting to be resolved. Ditto Music is THE place to publish music. Ditto’s Playlist feature is facilitated through the use of their own playlists with each having thousands of followers providing artists with opportunities for exposure. Avoid Ditto Music at all costs! If you get in touch with Ditto Music today, you might end up with a global hit. Over one million legal MP3 tracks available at Juno Download. Ditto Music claims it paid out a whopping $100 million to artists as royalties in 2019 and it plans to create a publishing arm that will function alongside the Bluebox solution. I didn’t have any issues with the service until I had an issue and I needed assistance. Go professional For £19.99 per year, you can release as many singles, EP's and albums as you can create straight from your home studio in a few clicks. Ditto music advertised they would release my album to “over 200 stores” within “4-5 weeks”. Ditto charge per release which cost me around £9 a year for a single, this is not the best way to sell your music unless you know you are going to sell 1000's. It is not the best or most comprehensive but it certainly gives you a solid framework. This article identifies and discusses some significant problems of argument and evidence surrounding these criticisms, as follows: (a) a dubious focus on ‘per-stream’ rates offered by music streaming services, (b) a failure to see streaming services as part of wider systems of music and ownership, (c) tendencies towards simplification when systemic problems are taken into account, and … In less than four hours, your music will have gone live! DITTO MUSIC IS A MUST FOR ANY UP COMING ARTIST. I start releasing my music from Feb 2020 and year comes to end. Companies House Companies House does not verify the accuracy of the information filed (link opens a new window) Sign in / Register. Read about their experiences and share your own! Songwriting is a skillset that takes time to develop. Sales Trends are another report that breaks down your iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Google sales. | Read 21-40 Reviews out of 1,043. It’s mostly been a pleasure working with ditto had a few teething problems but these problems were worked out swiftly, their customer services team via both email and twitter are really efficient and has made putting out music on behalf of my artist really easy for me having no experience or knowledge in the music industry. After you have uploaded your music, you should expect between 2-4 business days to have it live on iTunes. * Ditto Music are not a 'start-up with 2 staff'. Ditto Music, a leading online music distribution company that distributes music to 160 music stores around the world, including Spotify, iTunes, and others, is set to launch a blockchain-based application dubbed Bluebox, which will eliminate copyright infringement issues and enable musicians to earn more from their works, reports Billboard on January 27, 2020. My experience of Ditto Music : Started with Ditto in 2012 and released 4 singles. While uploading a music video, make sure to devote ample of your precious time so that you do not go wrong somewhere that can adversely affects your music video. Stay away from Ditto Music, they come across very fraudulent. With that being said, Ditto has made it pretty much pretty simple in terms of getting music out. I think it’s one of the most difficult jobs in the music industry. Thank You Ditto Music Thank You … * Ditto Music have not been contacted by any credit card companies regarding refunds. Skip to main content. It's amazing how Ditto help getting the music to all platforms. Ditto is a reputable music distribution platform. Learn more. By browsing this website, you consent to the use of cookies. They are connect to nearly all of the players in the streaming world so once you release, your music is everywhere. Ditto music problems Instead of dealing with the issues correctly and appropriately, they blocked me from all their social media . I asked for all my catalogue to be removed from all stores 2 years ago and they still haven’t done it. I distributed through them albums of Eldorado (rock band from Spain). i am an upcoming artist and needed a distributor to put my music on all the major Digital music platforms but they have done more for e than i could ever ask, they have helped me clim the charts they have helped me get my face on apple music and showed me how to verify my Spotify account, the customer service is excellent, they respond back … Tried to leave 2years ago after verbal abuse from the CEO who sent me numerous nasty emails. Let us hear your music and ideas so we can guide your project in the right direction using our professional experience. Remember a wrong step can make your target audiences to lose interest in your music video content. Well done Ditto. Now I feel that I am part of Ditto Music Family. Ditto music are a joke. Like any skillset it takes a lot of practice. GTA 5 Online HACKERS Scam Exposed & Money Glitch Scams GTA 5 Xbox One Gameplay You have 2 ways to use your DITTO: 1) Connect your guitar to ditto input (it is labeled on the pedal) Connect the other side of the ditto (the output) to the input of your amp. Links to official Ditto Music sites. I have yet to find my music in any of the few stores I've checked. OK. Brands. I didn’t have any issues with the service until I had an issue and I needed assistance. You have a quality product that you want to be heard by wide audiences, you are serious about your music career and now you need help to expand it further. Discover. No complaints there. The fast-growing music distribution and services company was founded in January 2007 by brothers Lee and Matt Parsons from a flat in Smethwick, Birmingham – accommodation, recalls Lee, which sat under a densely-populated apartment packed with people “smoking crack all day”. Some of the main issues I have read about seemed to be heavily fueled by . You have to write melodies, words, and be vulnerable all at the same time. Anyways it will be 3 weeks ago tomorrow that I uploaded my music to Ditto and paid their fee.