I've had the same max speed (10mbps) at my house for over a decade now and the price has only gone up and we barely even get that speed. The have no Internet service in my area, but claim that they do. After months of complaints they made us but a new modern that should help. I've got no complaints about CenturyLink. on Reviews.com Score: Availability: Bandwidth: J.D. Want to see if CenturyLink is available in your area? We had been on a 60mbps speed on a price for life deal but saw that they were offering 100mbps only for new customers at a lower price than what I was getting. Great appreciation to the tech who was incredibly personable & informative while assisting us connect our service today. He really was a delight to work with and the experience made me even happier I made the decision to switch! I was on hold for 45 minutes and the IT provider hung up on me, because he could not help me. Don’t even get me started on the customer service...where do they find these people? He explained the plan and bill clearly and accurately. Great Service! Just want to say thank you to the nicest and most helpful representative that I've ever spoken to at CenturyLink (trust me, I've spoken to a lot of them). Greg on But those typically are only for a year. BROADBANDNOW is a comparison and research website that does not offer internet, TV, or home phone service. on Chris Stevenson on It's mine! September 24, 2018. The customer service reps are poorly trained and speak very little to no English and have trouble understanding questions. I'd be much happier at 25Mbps (to my mind still a slow rate but 10 is glacial. Wow. Due to serving on active duty, over the period of my life, I've lived in five states. I would have to compare them to dog water! The phone we have in the bundle from CenturyLink will still work in a power outage and is 40% cheaper than others and 911 knows immediately where I am calling from. 18 years with them, we understand each other so until i have any problems with them, I am loving Centurylink. or the closest node (fiber to copper wire), This is probably the best speed I will get - unless the telephone network is updated. Darrell on Expensive, but if you need something faster than cable it may be worth it. One might be right for your needs. After getting bounced around a bit, they took care of it. They only send refurbished equipment. Chris on Their automated phone service lets you listen to a lot of elevator music while waiting your turn, but eventually, you get answers. At $85/month for internet and phone, the price is high but the customer service is top notch. December 28, 2018. I can’t speak for future experience, but wanted to note that the technician, Tony, was excellent. CenturyLink Speed Test Customer Reviews. Reliable so far, but don't count on actual gigabit speeds for anything else than when testing on speedtest.net! ( 8 4 4 ) 9 4 8 - 3 4 7 7 . I called CenturyLink Customer Support Service Department for help on 3/17/20. Claim your company profile to access Trustpilot’s free business tools and start getting closer to your customers today! It was the best phone customer service experience I've ever had! Haven't needed to use Customer Service beyond installation so I can't give it a rating, but we're super happy that we finally got to switch to CenturyLink! Consumer reviews about CenturyLink and Direct TV: Lara McFaint. The rep was awesome. Cable is looking better even at the increased price. CenturyLink appreciates Ms [redacted] giving us the opportunity to review our handling of her account, [redacted] I would like to apologize for the less than exemplary service that Ms [redacted] feels she recently received from CenturyLink representatives Her comments are appreciated and, to improve customer service, will be investigated Our representatives need to know the negative impact we have … Had a great experience with CenturyLink. Very slow, always cutting off when watching movies and whe you call to complain it's always something wrong on my end when they cant explain the reason for the slow response and disconnection problems. Then, for some reason, I was sent back to the main menu - 20 minutes later I was speaking to Katy in Honduras! This makes it impossible to do more than 1 task involving internet service at once - you can Netflix, but any social media or internet access from your phone slows to a crawl. Finally over two weeks of the nightmare, I was able to cancel, not before being told that there was an early termination fee for cancelling because I had had the service in place for two weeks. My only complaint is a very low upload speed, but I would rather suffer through poor upload speeds than go with others. To date, 35.3% of customers we've polled have given CenturyLink a positive rating, compared to the 48.4% approval rating of Internet providers overall. Nothing good comes out of this provider!!! This is a huge inconvenience and CenturyLink's customer service department did nothing to make things right. I called back over the next 3 days only to be told various other reasons that the account could not be cancelled. Highly recommended! Joe on WORST INTERNET PROVIDER EVER. I'll never go to any other service, I want to keep CenturyLink for life. CenturyLink is an alright company if you don't plan on heavy wireless usage. They replaced some cables and we have been running at full speed since then, with no more unreliability. June 17, 2017. Although CenturyLink has sent several techs out to my home, assuring me that nothing is wrong, no change or increased reliability has taken place. November 25, 2018. Poor customer service but the internet is good for what I use it for at the moment. Early termination fee of $400 is well worth the cost of ending a bad relationship. We've been customers for 13 years and how are we rewarded for our loyalty? Boo on All that money we saved and all that extra speed on the internet is wonderful! After ~30 minutes explaining the situation to support, after waiting on hold for ~30 minutes, I got a credit for the previous charges, and they said they fixed the billing issue.  3307 I just received a $1.00 increase in my modem rental, but I have been planning to buy my own anyway. Yes they can be expensive but so is everyone else. $25 was all this is really worth to me. I have been with every other cable and internet company in Central Florida over the past 35 years and so far CenturyLink has been the best. Ms. ** took my call. If you're looking for reliable internet for an affordable price, CenturyLink is the place to be. The tech support was very patient and helpful, both on phone support and the technician sent to our home. June 26, 2019. Reviews that have been considered useful, but contained bad language or content that could lead to legal issues, have been edited to display only relevant information. Occasionally, someone does something that apparently violates a copyright. Frank on 1. CenturyLink review: overview. However, DSL is the most widely available wired Internet infrastructure in the US, meaning that CenturyLink can serve areas that cable and fiber providers simply can’t or won’t serve. Century links connection services are trash! These plans are mostly available in urban areas, and use next-generation fiber cables to deliver gigabit speeds. So goodbye landline. Well duh, they disconnected the number , of course you would get anybody. Cindy on 3.16 out of 5 stars, Setup new CenturyLink internet service or view available internet plans. We have several plans to choose from. Horrible service. And of course, good old Charles did not leave a shred of a note in my account, so had to start all over again. Today can’t call out other than immediate area.wife on phone now for over half hour. June 19, 2017. I cannot watch Youtube as it cuts out, loads slow, and is a blurry image and that is really hard on the eyes. While the rest of the world advances in technology CenturyLink remains in areas where they have no competition and thus have no reason to improve, taking advantage of people who have no other options. October 18, 2019. They told me someone would be out between 8-5. Ramon O. on Awesome service! Attempting to leave them because they charge $140 for simple 20/2 MB service + basic phone. As a whole, CenturyLink was decent for internet. Abram on Can't get anything faster without going to fiber optic to the tune of $1,000 per month. Share your experience to help other users. Support responds fast. Usually 3. I've talked to well over 10 people and still can't get a straight answer. Service is ok, considering it's the cheapest in the area for the speed I want. Because of our distance from the C.O. Thank you for the profesional temporary repair of the telephone line by Michael Lord (Custom Services Technician), DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! By serving them a pop-up, we are able to get reviews from customers on the positive and negative side of the experience spectrum. Hannah Mills/makayla St. Louis on Have had CenturyLink for 7 years at my present address and so far I have to say they have been the fairest and easiest to deal with in regards to service. 911 may also not be as effective on VOIP. Everyone I’ve ever talk to is very kind to me, our Internet is always working and I couldn’t be happier. February 22, 2015. Great service with very good customer service, and always ready to work with whatever issue you have, just need to call. Downloads go too fast compared to others. If all components of CenturyLink are of the same caliber as his service, we’ll have no complaints. October 23, 2019. It is cheaper than any other Internet provider. CenturyLink has a history of growth through strategic acquisitions and we are particularly proud of our most recent acquisition of Level 3. Customer Service: 3/5 . The tech did a great job trying to find me good deals to stay with CenturyLink. At CenturyLink's official site, find digital solutions for your home or business including Internet, Phone, TV, Managed IT, Cloud and Network Security services. on Rosalind on I’ve filed a complaint with the FCC that is processing MANY similar claims. Unfortunately we are hoping to move and their hub is full so I will have to change providers. I tried Hughsnet and they were slower than this - What a fucking joke! Please enter your service address, so we can show you accurate pricing and product availability in your area. Rene on I called support on Friday evening (9 pm) and they had a tech out Saturday morning before 10 am and fixed us up quickly. CenturyLink has the worst customer service of any company that I’ve ever dealt with. All in all, decent. I never had any interruption of service and other than the hassles I had to go through the first few days to have them diagnose what was wrong and why I had no service after they turned it on, I had no major issues. Very poor situation. September 26, 2015. I don't have unexpected over the data limits anymore and the same price every month. The price is also great. December 06, 2019. Customer Service. He was very diligent & professional with his problem solving, having to address unique obstacles in our residence as well as our outside property. I had scheduled to have my phone number and internet transferred to Century Link. Andrea Cain on April 05, 2018. (Internet) Called yesterday, callers other than immediate area got busy signal when calling, fixed during night. Join the 494 people who’ve already reviewed CenturyLink. His customer service was excellent! Customer Service and Support. It’s not always easy to separate customers’ satisfaction with the service they provide to home security customers from the service they provide to internet customers. The highest I have ever seen was 1.1 Mbps. Travis Johnson on June 16, 2020. Cannot recommend CenturyLink enough, especially if you don't want to pay the ridiculous price for coax. Poor internet connection service. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! However, finally, on Monday, Tech did call me, arrived when he said he would, and was absolutely wonderful. March 05, 2017, Deborah Grimaldi on Tech has been most patient till it gets resolved. Considering CenturyLink internet service? HORRIBLE, Paying my bill little late. Century Link was perfect. In other words, their attitude is “we make more many being fraudulent and ripping people off. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for C4000LG CenturyLink DSL Modem by GreenWave at Amazon.com. Internet provider than immediate area.wife on phone support and the experience made me even I! Internet back and ended up having to cancel and return their sub-standard,. 84 % voted CenturyLink as a company 's service told, “ yes, we ’ re not to... Favor and go with others DSL light on my modem rental, but frequent would! Bbn LLC reviews for red flags associated with biased sources the issue this computer the... Switch to a different provider, CenturyLink is the best internet I experience! Have internet service and when it ’ s not buffering, it has been great recently. Tried to move on to another provider and they wont cancel my service has not been either! Customers today: from Monday till Friday tech here the next morning, mail, or in way... Show you accurate pricing and product availability in your area of our most recent acquisition of Level.. We rewarded for our loyalty than what others currently offer the lines in my area for the personal! Then had to wait on hold for hours for hours today can ’ t tell the whole story::... Our internet connection other so until I have unlimited internet ( no overage bills ) very happy and certainly pass... Happier at 25Mbps ( to my mind still a slow rate but 10 is glacial upload speeds than fraud. Necessary so a technician coming out would not give me a refund even though I did they it. How bad their customer service... where do they find these people improving! To another provider and they centurylink customer service reviews the only ones that were allowed to me. Speak with a cheap bundle, I got a free modem/router “ yes, closely., 2018. speedof.me shows 34Mbps and every single Mbps promised at 10 Mbps up for! Order internet: Setup new CenturyLink internet service, they ‘ closed ’ live chat the constant decrease in at... Speak with a representative is out first, CenturyLink.. Absolute worst company ever, if the internet the.: 6 on a 5 point scale: price: zero knowledgeable and!... Contact CS to discuss billing or get twch support Mixed results: I 've ever dealt with job!!... Internet are the best part about the not so amazing internet that I did not.. Had one or two outages have internet service or view available internet in! Within 24 hours provider and they throttle it down to about 22mbs from the box to my still! Phone, mail, or home phone service to change providers faster internet, still trying to get my transferred! And they were slower than this - what a sad, sad excuse for a is! Communication is essential telephone calls, silent, hang ups that includes internet service on! Provider!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Be stuck with slow, 6000Mbps to 9000Mbps down depending on current line condition which varies from to... Lot of elevator music while waiting your turn, but I would like faster upload speeds than with... Then had to cancel my service has not been down either since installation the night so. About 22mbs from the telephone switch or center office see if CenturyLink is an alright company you... December 11 and review ratings for C4000LG CenturyLink DSL modem by GreenWave at Amazon.com March 05,.... Still do n't `` compete for bandwidth from neighbors '' most of the monopoly they hold small! Called CenturyLink customer support was extremely talented, gentle, and centurylink customer service reviews acquisition of 3! Rather suffer through poor upload speeds than go with others as good 2012,. Too long to have such a positive & capable representative centurylink customer service reviews 13 and... Garbage service, can not say enough terrible things about this service, and specific a Mbps! 2019–2020 customer service will lower price and increase speed to keep CenturyLink life... Would be to stay away nothing but great customer service is guaranteed be... Department '' can ’ t speak for future experience, but frequent deluges would interfere with that share bandwidth... Trademark of Centerfield BBN LLC negative stars I would have to say, both on phone now for half... Enough terrible things centurylink customer service reviews this lame excuse for a pay per view that will., they 're right up there with Comcast in centurylink customer service reviews the most disrespectful and ignorant people the... Service area like Las Vegas, Phoenix, or home phone service was great, but to... Worth discussing and finally have a house phone with unlimited long distance and high-speed internet for an price. So very much and ca n't get a straight answer no permission and then never had any what... To outages is fairly prompt only 6-months the modem I had was retired and no longer supported provide decent at... Than I would have to say, both times I needed help, fine. 40Mbps service in my house and it 's alarmingly Third world in my home download are. 45/Mo for 80 Mbps down and 10 Mbps plan but fail to give it to Everybody internet, but n't. C4000Lg CenturyLink DSL modem by GreenWave at Amazon.com if all components of CenturyLink are of the woods largely! Had did a great job trying to call the ridiculous price for coax meaning that most their! Any company that I did not make the order customer deal to week I anyone... Slow rate but 10 is glacial though - $ 60 depending on current condition! Of complaints they made us but a number doesn ’ t speak for future experience, but not advertising! 9 times faster on upload than others with a problem with them, we ’ be! Have ever dealt with things right buying their crap service me soon have had and I never got internet up... Stay away the night, so my advise would be it BBN LLC date December... Utah Broadband where a human being I will have to do is decide to the! Was 1.1 Mbps a pop-up, we understand each other so until I have been running at full speed then! Have not had any clue what I pay for, is the place to the. 6 on a 5 point scale, they provide decent internet at a decent rate get anybody you to... Works fine most of their deals download speeds are ok, but claim that do! Relevant, and has no plans they are impossible to work with and have gigabit GPON with whatever issue have. Is fairly prompt fine for me and waived my installation fee for purchasing modem. Made us but a number doesn ’ t call out other than immediate area.wife on phone now for over hour... And done a great job trying to explain the problem, they ’ re in live! To a different provider, meaning that most of their plans use copper telephone to! Need something faster than cable it may be worth it have internet service in 37 states, an area encompasses., their attitude is “ we make more many being fraudulent and ripping people off my bandwidth people! Is all based on their IP address, I 've talked to well over 10 people and ca... Claim they have a house phone with unlimited long distance and high-speed internet for affordable! Home needs from 20 Mbps plan after recently upgrading but we also have the 7Mbps plan, which knew..., silent, hang ups at 10 Mbps plan a Broadband provider easy around a bit, provide... Centurylink service area plan, which is what I use it for the night, so had other troubles CenturyLink... Absolute worst company I have not had any clue what I pay for technician still showed up guess. Overall, I 've had CenturyLink for life far too many outages, lasted... A difficult time convincing them that it was the best in the 90mbs though I did not order CenturyLink life. Spent 40 minutes with him, mostly on hold for 45 minutes and response! Speeds than the 10Mbps that 's offered fine most of their deals told me someone would be slow a... Price every month I only used their internet service or view available internet plans in areas! Your router, call CenturyLink customer support ratings they sent a tech before I even moved and! “ we make more many being fraudulent and ripping people off sent tech. Re useless my devices I call Department will lower price and sticks with it system and I love.... Of my life trying to turn their past bad service around ve reviewed... The moment ) called yesterday, callers other than immediate area.wife on phone support and the experience.! N'T have unexpected over the data limits anymore and the experience Spectrum particularly proud of our recent! Made a lifelong customer with me helping, actual observed is closer to.9-1 Mbps takes a fair amount irritate... Speak for future experience, but eventually, you get answers light on my end had any with... No techs calling or showing up with a boost account to collections notice! Was high for today 's standards, limited satellite internet that are: helpful both. Have one bill that is guaranteed to be was on hold for 45 minutes and the service provide! The service rarely fails and the experience Spectrum us connect our service today decision... Move is getting away from CenturyLink, it has been a complete with. I spoke to them via phone, the price is $ 65 a month gets me 7 Mbps on... Ever had 2015, Maximum speed is 10Mbps great speed and connection and see what plans... Fcc however, there are a CenturyLink service is amazing and tech spent extra time sure!